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Magical Winged Love Keys

Magical Winged Love Keys

The magic of love seemed like the perfect thing for The Magical Merchant to share! These magical keys are a perfect way to declare your love--or rekindle it!


There are 3 styles of key: the Royal, the Heart, and the Elegant. Each key measures 3-1/4", and is solid metal with delicate little fluttering wings. The pink heart winged key has the decorative, heart-felt sentiment of "You hold the key to my heart", attached to the winged key by a pink silk ribbon.  


The keys are the perfect engagement gift (perhaps with an engagement ring tied to the ribbon?), wedding gift,  anniversaries, or because you are in love!


All of our products are artisan hand crafted. As such, each of our items are one of a kind, and might hold slight differences in coloring or design.

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