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Hey! This is us! We make things!

Master Wizard Lesli


Master Wizard Genevieve


At The Magical Merchant, we continuously work towards creating items that we enjoy introducing to you, the curious witch, warlock, or collector of mystical items. 


Our goal is to never stop expanding our creative boundaries, enjoy crafting our unique products as much as you enjoy receiving them, and to always stay curious and dedicated to quality!  


Same. Jk, Jk.





I'm a pretty introverted individual who lives in solitude, in my magical little house in the woods, with my three fat cats. I enjoy stretching my creative muscles in a wide array hobbies and pastimes -- or as much as my time allows -- but often buy more supplies than I can possibly use. I also work as a baker, and enjoy using my free time to read web comics and books, try new recipes, and take a plethora of naps.


My firm belief is that there can never be such a thing as too much coffee.

Mr. Fredeirick A.Whiddler

Mr. Fredeirick A. Whiddler is our very own wizarding wand designer and creator. Drifting in to our local port via dragon ferry, Whiddlers Wands are known to be of the highest quality magical wands within respected wizarding communities.

Mr. Whiddler himself is a quiet wizarding master who resides in a small village in the Swiss Alps, and has spent the last 160 years of his life honing his skills as an expert in wizard wand creation. 

Mr. Fredeirick A. Whiddler

Freiderich Whiddler, wand maker

Some Random Guy

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