Flying Fairy Winged Keys

Flying Fairy Winged Keys

You quietly tread through the forest, but you don't see it.  Even if you did, you would not be able to enter...


The Fairy Homeland -- the Refuge -- could only be entered by using the winged fairy key.  Should you obtain one, with the correct words, it will fly off in search of the entryway into the Refuge.  It alone can unlock the hidden gate.


These winged keys are artisan crafted by our in-house fairy, and are made with solid metal keys, and an enduring (and sturdy!) plastic wings. They come in sets of 5 (all different, or all 5 the same, depending on your choice) with your choice of either gold metallic or pink metallic, and the dainty wings are touched with delicate color. The largest Flying Fairy Key is 3-1/8", and the smallest 2-1/8".  These are lovely on their own, or the perfect ornament for your holiday, wedding, or party decoration!


All of our products are artisan hand crafted. As such, each of our items are one of a kind, and might hold slight differences in coloring or design.

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