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Wizard Dragon Hide Wand Box

Wizard Dragon Hide Wand Box

Introducing our custom-crafted, authentic "dragon hide" wizard wand boxes! Hand crafted boxes in custom sizes to fit whatever wizard wand you have. We offer three different sizes: 12", 15", 18" -- a box for everyone, whether you would like to use it for display, a treasure box, a talisman for protection, or to transport your wand with you in case of any magical dangers.


Each box comes with a certificate of authenticity, assuring you that your wand will be safe when snuggled into it's box. Why dragon hide, you ask? Well, of course there is no leather in the wizarding world, and dragon hide is the CHOICE material to use for it's durability and appearance.


Every box is a true one-of-a-kind, hand made, and finished with a tissue liner of whatever color you'd prefer: Green, Yellow, Red, or Blue. Let me know on your order customization.


The label on top of each box is from Whiddler's Wands, a small wizading wand shop located in the Swiss Alps that has been in the shop's family for centuries. Passed down was the ancient art of wand box making. The boxes -- and the wands -- wait patiently for their wizards, carefully, to assure they are a good match. On the end of each box is a label telling what wood was used at the wand maker's to create your wand. Be it Hornbeam, Rowan or Dogwood -or more "authentic" wizard inspired wand woods! On the other box end is a wand number, the label aged to go with the antiquity of the box. Feel free to customize your choice of wood or number.


All of our products are artisan hand crafted. As such, each of our items are one of a kind, and might hold slight differences in coloring or design.


*Returns are accepted within 15 days of purchase. Notification of return must be given the The Magical Merchant, along with reason for return. Custom items with personalization, and custom sized dragon hide boxes are not eligible for return.


**We at The Magical Merchant feel that every wizard and fantastical person should feel secure from spam and unwanted solicitations. We will never share or sell your information -- feel safe shopping!

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