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Antique Wizarding Wand Box

Antique Wizarding Wand Box

Perfect for stowing away your precious family heirloom wizard wand (or perhaps you won your special wand in a card game against an inebriated pixie) these antique wand boxes look like nothing other. Antique and mysterious...filled with wonder of what lays inside!


This listing is for the wizarding wand BOX only. These are GENUINE antique boxes, ranging from 70 to 100 years old. The original antique materials consist of a cardboard base and are covered in either patterned or textured paper. Each box is lined with tissue paper in the color of your choice. These are actual antiques, so not intended (nor recommended) as a play item for children. The boxes have the authentic aged look and feel, and are ready for your wizard wand! Please note they are not going to be "perfect" and will have varying age related flaws -- but that is what makes them look the part! They look as though they could have come directly from the wand maker's shop, having waited for just the right wizard.


The boxes vary in shades of brown and black, and measure just over 12" in length, perfect for a 12" wand! The label on top is from Whiddler's Wands, our small wizard wands and boxes supplier located in the Swiss Alps. The Whiddler's Wands shop has been within their family for centuries creating magical wands and boxes. The boxes are each individual, and so each box is destined for a new life in the world of witches, wizards, and fairies. 


On the end of each box is a label telling what wood was used at the wand maker's to create your wand; be it Hornbeam, Rowan or Dogwood, each box is unique. On the other end of each box is a wand number, the label aged to go with the antiquity of the box. Every box is different -- if you order several, we will try and get you a nice variety of colors! 


Special requests for box end labels available! Please just choose a random wood/number label option from the drop down menu on our product page, and then message us your specific request at the time of your purchase. We'd be happy to create your custom wood/word label and/or number label; no extra charge is required for this service. If choosing a custom label, short words/titles/woods are recommended so that they will best fit the size of our labels.


We will choose a coordinating box for you, and as much as I wish I could have custom, I have limited colors available however -- they are ANTIQUE, so we are limited in our colors options available. A warm chocolate brown is our most common color. 


All of our products are artisan hand crafted. As such, each of our items are one of a kind, and might hold slight differences in coloring or design.


*Returns are accepted within 15 days of purchase. Notification of return must be given the The Magical Merchant, along with reason for return. Custom items with personalization, and custom sized dragon hide boxes are not eligible for return.


**We at The Magical Merchant feel that every wizard and fantastical person should feel secure from spam and unwanted solicitations. We will never share or sell your information -- feel safe shopping!

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