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Magical Dragon Eggs

Magical Dragon Eggs

Each of these magical dragon egg is as special and mythical as the dragon itself! 


 Four color options are available: Red, Blue, Green and Purple. They represent the dragons of the earth and sky. The blue dragon -- The Dreaded Diver. The red dragon -- The Volcano Eater. The green dragon -- the Wise Woodland. And the purple dragon -- the Star Searcher dragon. Each magic egg holds within it the secrets the dragons themselves hold.  And remember, dragons are a wise wizards companion against treachery, evil spells, and for general protection.


Each egg  is 6" tall, gently weighted to feel more realistic, and comes with a stand created from moss, with a cork base to offer protection to the surface it is placed on. Every colored egg pictured is also available in the raised swirl pattern like that of the purple egg pictured.


All of our products are artisan hand crafted. As such, each of our items are one of a kind, and might hold slight differences in coloring or design.


*Returns are accepted within 15 days of purchase.  Notification of return must be given the The Magical Merchant, along with reason for return.  Custom items with personalization, and custom sized dragon hide boxes are not eligible for return.


**We at The Magical Merchant feel that every wizard and fantastical person should feel secure from spam and unwanted solicitations. We will never share or sell your information -- feel safe shopping!

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